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I’m back…with some news.

30 Jul

One of my good friends recently told me that if she goes to my blog and sees “strawberry limeade” one more time she is going to scream.

Okay, Okay – she’s got a point. I’ve gotten pretty terrible at updating my blog. I blame summertime. It happens to be my favorite season, simply because it is always filled with so many fun activities. This summer we’ve been busy with weddings, showers, reunions, vacations, etc. I mean, come on, warm weather alone distracts me. (I swear, if I had gone to college in a warmer climate, I probably would not have graduated.) Although, I have definitely been enjoying myself, I do apologize for my obvious blog neglect.

Oh. One more thing… did I mention that I am pregnant!!? No, I obviously didn’t, but as you can imagine, that has been another thing that has been keeping me busy this summer. I will tell more about our story and road to pregnancy in a future blog post, but for now just know that we are beyond thrilled to welcome our sweet baby girl into the world in early December.

CSC_0489 CSC_0484*This is us back in May when I was just 10 weeks pregnant.

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